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Discover the magic of all-weather biking with the Fox Racing Ranger Fire Jacket, designed to be your hearty companion in the harshest of conditions. Engineered to give you optimal protection against the chill of winter, this jacket boasts a three-layer construction.

The tough polyester exterior of the Ranger Fire Jacket is poised to withstand demanding rough terrains, and an internal membrane adds another shield — serving as a dependable guard against the unexpected. The brushed fleece interior is the secret weapon that steps up the game in keeping you toasty in frigid temperatures. Venture out and embrace the natural world in all its glory, without being held back by the cold.

Among the jacket's key attributes is its effective drop tail design, designed to shield you from pesky trail debris, keeping your ride smooth and uninterrupted. And rest assured, you won't be short of space for your essentials — the jacket is furnished with ample pockets, providing a convenient storage solution during your ride.

But the Fox Racing Ranger Fire Jacket is more than just practical — it carries its versatile look effortlessly both on and off the bike. So whether you're bracing a challenging trail or exploring the urban jungle, this jacket ensures you do it with confidence and style.

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