Trek 2022 Dual Sport 2 Equipped Stagger Gen 4


Embark on your next adventure with the 2022 Dual Sport 2 Equipped Stagger GEN 4 from TREK! Built to take you on any terrain, this hybrid bike boasts an excellent balance of on-road efficiency and off-road stability. Aided by a suspension fork and wide, grippy tyres, your ride is smoothed out be it on city roads or raw, rural trails. Hydraulic disc brakes provide all-weather stopping power while the included mudguards and rear rack further amp up your cycling versatility.

The Dual Sport 2 is for...

Cycling enthusiasts who like to explore both cityscapes and nature trails; routine commuters; and those searching for a rugged yet comfy hybrid bike. The bike's impressive features provide comfort across a range of terrains, coupled with accessories that allow for more practical usage.

Technical Specs

Equipped with a robust aluminium frame that allows easy mounting and dismounting thanks to its stagger geometry, this bike is designed for adventures. The suspension fork features a lockout for varying terrains, while the Shimano 2x9 drivetrain with a wide range of gearing has you covered, regardless of the terrain. The nifty dynamo front hub powers the lights, keeping you safe even during night rides. Bontrager all-terrain tyres provide extra traction, and ergonomic grips ensure a comfortable hold. Additional features like mudguards, a rear rack that's MIK-compatible, lights, and a kickstand are also included.

The Final Word

Be it tarmac, trails, or daily errands, the 2022 Dual Sport 2 Equipped Stagger GEN 4 has got your back! Its wide range of gearing, front suspension, and commute-friendly features like lights and mudguards enhance its versatility making it a fantastic all-rounder.

Why Choose the Dual Sport 2

  1. It comes pre-equipped with lights, mudguards, and a rear rack making it ready-to-ride right out of the box.
  2. Front and rear lights powered by the dynamo hub ensures safety during night-time errands.
  3. The 2x drivetrain provides you with all the necessary gears and none of the redundancies.
  4. Thanks to the lockout feature, you can optimise your ride efficiency by locking it during smooth road surfaces and unlocking it on rough trails.
  5. The stagger geometry provides easy and confident mounting and dismounting.

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