Trek 2022 Wahoo 24


Designed specifically for the adventurous youth, the 2022 Wahoo 24 by TREK delivers an experience beyond expectations. Combining lightweight construction with superior handling, this bike ensures effortless manoeuvrability and control for your young rider.

Versatility at Its Best

The Wahoo 24 is ideal for traversing varying terrains, courtesy of its multi-surface tyres. The robust 1x8 drivetrain keeps everything simple, allowing your child to focus entirely on their journey. And with the wide range of gears, there's no road too challenging for the Wahoo 24.

Lightweight and Durable

Featuring TREK's Alpha Aluminium frame, the Wahoo 24 is impressively light without compromising on strength or durability, easy for children to handle. Safety is paramount, and that's clear with TREK's proprietary ThruSkew. This unique safety feature guarantees that the wheels will remain securely in place throughout every ride.

Personalised Experiences

Apart from offering seamless rides, the Wahoo 24 is designed to let your child personalise their experience. The bike is remarkably easy to accessorise, so your little riding enthusiast can truly make it their own.

Experience the TREK Advantage

Choosing a TREK kids' bike has its advantages. Our bicycles are designed and assembled by professionals, ensuring an unparalleled biking experience every time.

Additional Highlights

  1. Superior control thanks to its lightweight frame
  2. Safety ensured by Trek's proprietary ThruSkew
  3. Focus purely on fun with a simplified 1x8 drivetrain
  4. Suitable for varying terrains with its multi-surface tyres

With its exceptional blend of simplicity, versatility, and safety, the 2022 Wahoo 24 by TREK promises a fun and thrilling cycling experience for every child.

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