Trek 2024 Precaliber 16


Discover the joys of cycling with the 2024 Precaliber 16, a high-quality bike from the trusted TREK brand. Transform early childhood experiences with this easy-to-ride, fun and user-friendly bike. Designed to build confidence in youngsters keen on exploring their world on two wheels, this sturdy bike is ready to create great memories.
The Precaliber 16 Freewheel has a simple one-speed setup. Plus, with two kid-sized levers, mastering the art of braking becomes an easy and safe task for tiny hands. What's more, this bike includes an integrated handle hidden within the saddle. This innovative feature allows you to easily guide your child as they learn and grow on their cycling journey.
Convenient tool-free training wheels make the transition to independent riding smooth and stress-free for both you and your child. When the time comes to remove the training wheels, you only need your hands - no extra tools necessary.
The lightweight Alpha Silver Aluminium frame helps ensure manoeuvrability and control, allowing your child to focus solely on having fun. Should your family extend in the future, the durable frame makes this bike the perfect hand-me-down; younger siblings will appreciate its solid construction as though it were still new.
With the Precaliber 16, TREK proves that investing in a high-quality kid's bike enhances the learning experience. A bike not just made, but meticulously designed and assembled by true bike enthusiasts, your child's safety and enjoyment are our utmost priorities.
And the fun doesn’t stop there. Upgrade your child's pedals for an even greater ride. Although the Precaliber 16 comes with a good standard pair, consider changing them for pedals that provide enhanced control and grip. Discover our pedal guide and find the best fit for your little one's riding style.
Choose the 2024 Precaliber 16 for a fun, safe, and unforgettable early bike ride experience. It’s a great investment in your family’s adventures and solo excursions with a focus on safety, durability and enjoyment. Choose wisely, choose TREK.

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