Trek 2021 Top Fuel 7 SX Gen 2


Protect your investment

We offer Invisiframe and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings, that can be professionally fitted to your new ride to keep it looking as good as the day you'll receive it.

Ride the trails in unmatched comfort and speed with the TREK 2021 Top Fuel 7 SX. This full-suspension mountain bike provides a perfect balance between agility and resilience, built to match the pace of a cross-country bike while possessing the adventurous spirit of a trail bike. It performs excellently on climbs and sprints, showing its mettle when tasked with rough and rugged terrains.

This bike is ideal for adventurers seeking a full-suspension mountain bike with significant travel capacity to handle exhilarating trails, all within a budget-friendly range.

The bike features a light, yet robust, aluminium frame perfectly complemented by a 120 mm RockShox Judy SL fork. Couple that with 115 mm of rear travel with an X-Fusion Pro 2 shock absorbing major bumps and a wide-range SRAM SX Eagle drive train that guarantees smooth and precise shifting on trails. Hydraulic disc brakes are fitted for optimum stopping power regardless of the riding conditions. Trek equips this bike with a Bontrager DropLock allowing a nifty dual remote suspension lockout and a readily adjustable dropper post.

The Top Fuel 7 SX prides itself on being a value-packed, exhilarating ride that makes it easy to push your limits on all types of trails. Additional strengths include:

  • The bike’s suspension system, matching efficiency with a ready-for-action mindset.
  • The Bontrager DropLock's shifter-style lever, which enables easy control of front and rear shock lockouts for added efficiency when sprinting or climbing. On-the-go control of the dropper post is another bonus.
  • The Mino Link adjustment facility lets you fine-tune your ride’s geometry even mid-ride.

It also features a Straight Shot downtube for extra-stiff, responsive handling without added weight, and a Knock Block headset that ensures protection against spinning bars and fork crowns.

For a shorter rider, the smaller frames (S) offer a top tube that slants down as it meets the seat tube, ensuring lower standover height for easy straddling. Taller riders find comfort with the straight top tube in the larger frames (M and ML), designed to meet their standover height preferences.

The bike features the Active Braking Pivot, an ingenious design trait that helps the suspension adjust to acceleration and braking forces separately, ensuring confident control when it matters the most. The Straight Shot downtube offers supreme frame rigidity without adding any weight. Ride through the harshest terrains and soar up those climbs effortlessly. Lastly, the Knock Block offers protection in knotty situations, preventing handlebars from spinning round in a crash, thus avoiding any chance of hose yanking or controls hitting the top tube.

Ride the trails with unparalleled control, unrivalled speed and unmatched comfort on TREK's Top Fuel 7 SX, and push the limits of adventure!

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