Trek 2024 Precaliber 12


Discover the joy of two wheels with the 2024 Precaliber 12 by TREK. Perfectly designed for young riders stepping up from balance bikes, it provides a smooth and confidence-inspiring ride. Its intuitive design aids the transition to pedal-driven bikes, making it a fantastic choice for toddlers ready to explore and enjoy their independence.

The highlights of this bike include a convenient handle integrated into the saddle, ideal for guiding your child as they learn the ropes of bike riding. Moreover, it comes with easy tool-free training wheels, easily installable and removable as per the child's need and comfort.

The lightweight aluminium frame is another big plus point. It's robust yet easy for your little one to manoeuvre, ensuring a safer ride. What's more, the lower frame design makes it easier for kids to mount and dismount, contributing to an overall sense of confidence and safety.

Why choose a TREK for your child? Because we ensure each of our bikes is built to the highest standards. Invest in the Precaliber 12 and enjoy:

  • A Memorable Milestone: Capture the joy of your children's first ride. The Precaliber 12 is expertly designed to make their early biking experiences truly unforgettable.
  • Long-lasting Quality: Built with a durable frame, this bike is a solid investment that can be passed down to younger siblings over the years.
  • Trusted Brand: With TREK, you’re choosing a brand trusted by cycling enthusiasts worldwide. Our bikes are designed and assembled by experts passionate about crafting the best biking experience possible.
  • Child-friendly Design: The lower frame of the Precaliber series ensures easy mounting and dismounting for children, boosting their confidence and love for biking.

Crafted with precision, the Precaliber 12 ensures they are safe, comfortable and ready to pedal into their biking journey. Give your child the gift of adventure with the 2024 Precaliber 12 from TREK.

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