Trek 2023 Verve+ 4 Lowstep - 545Wh

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Verve+ 4 Lowstep brings the joy of cycling within everyone's reach by combining the energy efficiency of a traditional bike with the effortless power of an electric one. Rediscover the thrill of the ride with this revolutionary e-bike from TREK.
Indulge in daily commutes, recreational rides and intensive workouts, the Verve+ 4 Lowstep won't let you down. With the potent Bosch BES3 drive unit and a selection of battery options starting from 400Wh to a whopping 800Wh, you can be sure your journeys are powered up, no matter the distance.
Comfort and safety features are the heart of this e-bike's design. Enjoy a smoothly suspended ride with the suspension fork and seat post. Confidently take on any trail with the secure grip of wide, stable tyres and navigate the route, worry-free, under the safe glow of integrated lights.
The convenience of a step-thru frame never ceases to fascinate. Effortlessly get on and off your bike that goes beyond mere transportation - a reliable companion on your urban and country escapades.
This e-bike's features extend beyond its impressive form. It is packed with a robust Bosch BES3 Performance Line Sport drive unit that can achieve the sustaining speed of up to 20 mph or 25 km/h in Europe and an array of battery options. Keep your ride in check with the e-Bike Flow app at the Bosch Kiox controller, maintaining your treks across the city or the wilderness.
Enjoy full control with the 9-speed Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes that assure all-weather stopping power. The suspension seat post cushions your ride while the wide, puncture-resistant tyres provide extra stability. The ergonomic grips, kickstand, lights and a rack and mudguards all come together to elevate your e-biking experience.
The Verve+ 4 Lowstep stands apart with its sleek exterior that hides a highly functional core. Its fully integrated battery and cables keep it looking clean and posh. The new frame, carefully designed to strike a balance between utility and aesthetics, is a sight to behold. The world-class BES3 Performance Line drive system from Bosch syncs with the eBike Flow app to provide easy customisation, ride logging and route mapping. Additionally, with the variety of battery options, you can fine-tune your ride to your commute requirements and budget.
This e-bike features a comfortable, upright riding position that not only ensures balance but also smoothens the handling. No matter which trail you traverse, the large gear ratio makes pedalling easier while the smart system connectivity aids in tracking your activities and planning routes.
Verve+ 4 Lowstep combines every digital element of your ride into a single remarkable experience. Now, synced with the eBike Flow app, the Bosch smart system integrates everything from display and drive unit to controller and eBike ABS.
If you're wondering about the range, Bosch’s range calculator can provide estimates on how far you can go on a single charge. You can tweak the variables for your bike model and average rider to get a precise estimate.
For optimal ride control and grip, consider upgrading to high-quality pedals. Upgrading to pedals that elevate control will significantly enhance your ride. Flat pedals are highly recommended for their simple adaptability. Experience the joy of the ride and the power of e-biking with the TREK Verve+ 4 Lowstep today.

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